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A good estate agency takes on your property, lists it and markets it. You may be lucky enough to sell quite quickly, but more often than not many properties get overlooked, forgotten or become troublesome and they can sit unsold for a very, very long time.

A great estate agency will not let this happen. Why…because they will think outside of the box to get things moving and on track.

Here at Black Olive Properties we do just that If you decide that we are the company for you then get in touch for a friendly, we will be very happy to listen to you and work with you towards a positive outcome.

Please take a few minutes to read what we can offer , we promise it will not be the old tired market strategies, but a new approach tailored to suit you, hopefully our new client. We can offer . Open house days on your property in your property. Extended walk through and exclusive Showcasing of your property. Great property of the week. A freshen up before viewing….ariel video facility of neighborhood and your property along with professional photography.

Meet and greet with potential new neighbors …and much, much more.

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You may be worried that your property hasn’t sold and it is a financial commitment, you may even feel you have no choice but to sell. Well did you know that you can rent your property out, where it can be overseen by ourselves and all the legalities put into place for you.

Rent can range from 350 e per month to 2000 Plus depending on your property. Dont give up..

give us a call and we will assist you in anyway we can. That is our promise to you.

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