Book Your Free Valuation

To book your free valuation with us.

If you are thinking of taking the big step in marketing your property, we would be very pleased to be of assistance.

This is a simple process where you ask us to come and look at your property, we do prefer to do this with owners present, but appreciate at times this isn’t always possible if you are located in another country.

For a valuation it is helpful for us to know abit about your property and circumstances before we arrive..

This is important, as we like to check up to date community information, local area information and other key factors as well as information about your property.

We also will need to know whether you are looking for a quick sale, a relaxed sale or just a general idea as you are still contemplating what it is you would like to do with your property.. it may be that you choose another avenue such as renting, or rent to buy.

We can assist in all of the above.

To contact us for a valuation, please complete the form below and we will get back to you if not immediately, it will be the same day *or if its after office hours* the next working day to organise your appointment.

For our valuations, we aim to tell you the most realistic, honest price you will achieve. Our fees are 5% PLUS IVA or a minimum of é5000 Plus IVA

For marketing your property you will need an up to date energy and occupation certificate.

If you do not have these in place we can assist in getting the documents from a locally based architect, but we will talk you through this process.

All matters discussed in your valuation and any documentation you provide us with will be held confidentially..